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Menu Modules

August 09, 2022

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction helps you become acquainted with the MENU Module software and provides some initial, helpful tips for MENU Module success.

Users Guide: Introduction

Cheat Sheet: Getting Started in MENU Module

List: Top 10 Ways to Successfully Launch MENU Module 

Sign: Working on MENU Module 


Module 2: Configuration

Configuration teaches you how to use the Configuration Helper Tool and walks you through initial configuration of MENU Module.

User's Guide: Configuration 

Cheat Sheet: Configuration 

Tip Sheet: General 


Module 3: Ingredients 

Ingredients teaches you everything that you need to know about ingredients in MENU Module.  Learn how to search for ingredients, add ingredients, update ingredient allergens, create stock items, add ingredient documentation, and generate helpful ingredient reports.

Users Guide: Ingredients

Cheat Sheet: Ingredients

Tip Sheet: Ingredients

Training Videos

Ingredient Search

Create New Ingredient

Adding Ingredient Allergens

Create Stock Items

Copying Ingredients


Module 4: Recipes

Recipes teaches you how to search for and copy recipes, create single and dual entry recipes, use find and replace to easily update recipes, and generate helpful recipe reports!

Users Guide: Recipes

Cheat Sheet: Recipes

Tip Sheet: Recipes

Training Videos

Recipe Search

Create Single Ingredient Recipe

Create Dual Entry Recipe


Module 5: Menu Items

Menu Items takes you one step closer to creating your menu by teaching you how to search for existing menu items and how to create new menu items.

Users Guide: Menu Items

Cheat Sheet: Menu Items

Tip Sheet: Menu Items

Training Videos

Create Menu Item 


Module 6: Menu & Menu Cycle 

Menus & Menu Cycles teaches you how to build menus and turn menus into menu cycles that you can assign to the production calendar.

Users Guide: Menu & Menu Cycles

Cheat Sheet: Menu & Menu Cycles

Tip Sheet: Menu & Menu Cycles

Training Videos

Standard Menu Items

Menu Search

Create New Menu

Create Menu Cycle 


Module 7: Production

Production teaches you how to use MENU Module, and all of the ingredients, recipes, menu items, and menu cycles that you have created, to complete electronic production plans and records and generate related reports.

Users Guide: Production 

Cheat Sheet: Production 

Tip Sheet: Production 

Training Videos

Assign Menu Cycles to the Production Calendar

Complete Production Plans

Add Menu Items to Production Plan

Auto Fill Production Plan


Module 8: School Cafe

Learn how to connect families to your menu through a free app offered with Menu Modules. 

User Guide: School Cafe 

Cheat Sheet: School Cafe 


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